The Takamine guitar company was founded in 1962 as a small family business and has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of guitars in the world.  The company is located at the base of Takamine Mountain in Sakashita, Japan.   The fundamentals of fine guitar making were developed during the years that guitar playing and music was gaining popularity in Japan during the early 60's.  As their business grew they saw the need to develop their skills and attract design and manufacturing talent. One of the most important additions to the company was Mr. Mass Hirade in 1968.  Mr. Hirade joined Takamine and made great improvements upon design and build quality.  The factory began producing their world class "Classical" guitar that to this day still carry the Hirade name. 
Hirade was
able to begin an overseas trading business in 1975 and Takamine guitars were finally able to reach out to guitar players around the world.  Takamine was finally placed in the hands of musicians who had only heard about their great sound and fine craftsmanship.   Then in 1978, Takamine began to introduce acoustic/electric guitars which grew to be a leading force in the flat back guitar market.  Takamine made great advancements with their palethetic pickup, which is an integral part of the guitar's design.  
Over the years Takamine constantly expanded their line into various size and shaped guitars.  Jumbo, Dreadnaught, NEX, OM and others.  They also experimented with many different tone woods including spruce, koa, rosewood and maple.  It is said that Takamine owns one of the largest guitar tonewood stockpiles in the world.  The company also applied fine Japanese craftsmanship to the artisitic aspect of the guitar as well.  Elaborate inlays of abalone, various woods and other materials has become a trademark of Takamine.  In 1987, to celebrate their 25th anniversary, the company introduced what would become their first annual Collectors Edition guitar.  This yearly production of a limited quantity special edition allows Takamine to express some their most technically aggressive and artistically beautiful designs.
Due to the fine quality, outstanding tone, and road worthiness of Takamine guitars, they have attracted an impressive list of professioal players, including:  Garth Brooks, Bruce Springsteen, Nancy Wilson, Dave Stewart, Daryl Stuermer, Nils Lofgrin, Steve Wariner, John Scofield, Toby Keith, Glenn Frey, Kenny Chesney, John Bon Jovi, and Pete Twonshend.


Samples From The Takamine Product Line

Takamine makes an extensive line of guitars covering a wide range of designs, sizes, styles and price points.
Shown below are just a few examples from their various product lines.  For complete details please
contact your local Takamine dealer or consult Takamine on the web at



Excerpts from Takamine's Website:
G Series:
The G Series is the entry level Takamine and offers many sizes, colors, woods.  Over a dozen distinct dreadnought models are included in the G Series, many with solid spruce tops. There are cutaway and non-cutaway models, 12-strings, straight acoustics and acoustic/electrics, plus a wide choice of colors. There are also a selection of models with the smaller NEX and FXC body shapes, ideal instruments for vocal accompaniment. The G Series also includes several classical guitars. 


Classical Series: 
Takamine Classics can be equipped with any one of four unique interchangeable SoundChoice preamps which provide maximum control over any performance application. The braces are patterned and voiced specifically according to Hirade's designs.  Hirade concert classics are crafted using Mr. Hirade's original drawings and feature solid cedar or spruce tops with rosewood backs and sides for a brilliant and rich classic tone.


Keystone Series:
The guitars of the Keystone Series are the working musician's best friend.  The Dreadnought is the keystone of the acoustic guitar world - metaphorically speaking.  That's why Takamine has named their family of traditional (and not-so-traditional) Dreadnoughts the Keystone Series.  
Every one of these Dreadnoughts starts with a hand selected solid spruce soundboard, with choice of back and side woods to make the specific needs of the user - mahogany, rosewood or maple backs and sides in natural, sunburst, red stain or black finishes 


Nashville Series:
Hand-crafted of all-solid woods by a special team at Takamine, Nashville models are as close to a small luthier-built instrument as you will find.  The tops are solid, hand-selected "bear claw" spruce which creates a rare, naturally occurring pattern. Each soundboard is individually voiced to maximize its power and dynamic range.  The back and sides are solid, book-matched Indian Rosewood, chosen for both its appearance and acoustic integrity. The ebony fingerboard is fitted with nickel silver frets, leveled and finished by hand for perfect playability and intonation. The soundhole and perimeter of the top are inlaid with hundreds of pieces of beautiful abalone shell. Nashville models are available in pure acoustic form or equipped with Takamine electroncis. 


Naturals Series:
The Takamine Natural Series was conceived to give the biggest and widest acoustic sound possible. Solid cedar tops, solid mahogany backs, a thin satin finish and no pickguard - anything that could possibly impede the vibration of the soundboard was purposely left out.   


Super Naturals Series:
The new SuperNatural Series of instruments are available with a choice of solid cedar or solid spruce soundboards, and voiced for players who appreciate brilliance and ambiance as much as depth and richness.  Solid rosewood back, braced and calibrated to enhance the broad range of the soundboard.  Abalone rosette with tortoise pickguard. 


Noveau Santa Fe Series:
With their balanced tone, warm sound and comfortable size the Noveau and Santa Fe are a consistent favorite of true players.  The Santa Fe Series is inspired by the designs and sounds of the desert Southwest.  Its intricate inlays are perfectly executed and the tone is as wide as the horizon.  


Signature Series
John Jorgenson Signature Model
When John Jorgenson wanted to increase his guitar's sensitivity range, John tried scalloping the top bracing and found his sonorous solution, and has provided the John Jorgenson models their noticeable dynamic breadth. John's guitars are truly an artists tool. Available in both 6 and 12-string editions.

Garth Brooks GB-7C
After Garth Brooks turned country music into platinum-pickin' perfection, he took the time to work closely with us on the GB-7C. Garth's axe has a solid cedar top, plus rosewood back and sides, providing tonal consistency and predictable sonic fullness from venue to venue.

Steve Wariner Signature Model
Players often note the deeper, warmer acoustic voice of the Steve Wariner Signature model. That's due largely to the guitar's solid mahogany back, along with the solid cedar top. The shimmering tone is emphasized with the glimmer of hundreds of pieces of hand-inlaid abalone set into Steve's favorite color - black. 


Limited Editions: 
In 1987, to celebrate their 25th anniversary, the company introduced what would become their first annual Collectors Edition guitar.  This yearly production of a limited quantity special edition allows Takamine to express some their most technically aggressive and artistically beautiful designs.



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